Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...and you might as well be walkin' on the Sun(s).

A title is bad when you feel the need to explain it. I feel said need.

These are the Phoenix Suns.

Grant Hill, Steve Nash

They’re stepping onto a HOT issue.

Thus, walking on the sun. Yes, I am aware that is also the name of a poor Smashmouth song from the late-90’s.

Onto the issue at hand. As I said, The Suns are stepping into some hot waters, uncharted hot waters in professional sports. The team recently announced that they will wear their “Los Suns” jerseys on Cinco de Mayo in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals tommorrow evening. Unfortunately, the decision doesn’t have much to do with the holiday noting Mexican independence.

It’s a slap in the face to the Arizona legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer–a Republican, and her new brilliant piece of work to come out of the statehouse. Yes, the new Arizona immigration policies. To cut the legal mumbo jumbo out of the piece, it’s the bit of legislation that statese, “If you look un-American, prove it.”

To the Suns, Bravo. We don’t see that in sports. It’s nice to see a franchise. not afraid of the economic backlash (that won’t happen) and actually stand for something in society.

Back to the source of the controversy, however. Just to rehash old facts, I am a Republican. Take note of that statement as I proceed.

(Begin incoherent rant.)

Time for something I haven’t used for awhile, the McEnroe Moment of The Day. You really can’t be serious here, Jan. What idiot came up with this plan? Generally, I don’t throw out such terms and name in association with politics, but, here, it’s simply necessary. What political genius assumed that there would be little public backlash? How could one not understand that this nation doesn’t look favorably on racial profiling and stereotyping? Even George Wallace eventually understood that. Frankly, this is one I can’t get over, and I am well aware this post may be turning into an incoherent, angry ramble.

Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer embarrassed conservatives throughout the country, especially this one.

Jan, this is my party, too. Folks already label some on the right as “racists.” Congratulations, you just gave those folks quite the talking point. Remember what I said about alienating certain groups across the nation? You obviously weren’t listening. The bill seems like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi novel about a far away land, not about America, the world’s biggest melting pot.

Here’s my challenge to any supporter of the bill. Reasonably justify it, without sounding like a complete jackass. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t. For Republicans, as myself, who clamor about the danger of further government regulation in our lives, imagine this situation. You have to carry documents that prove you are an American citizen. That’s much more un-American than any imported car or soccer match.

(Incoherent rant over.)

Bottom line, Immigration reform is needed. This intolerant piece of garbage that Arizona calls legislation, quite frankly, sucks. If organizations such as the Suns step to the plate, this thing can be reversed.


  1. Why is the new Arizona law "an intolerant piece of garbage"?

    You should be more specific if you're going to throw rhetorical bombs like that. I admire Jan Brewer for caring more about the concerns of Arizonans than those of out-of-state detractors. She's the governor of Arizona and indications are that Arizonans like this bill.

    Are you saying that a clear majority of Arizonans are intolerant?

  2. Absolutely not. I know many Arizonans, they are great Americans.

    First, let's be clear. I haven't read the bill in its entirety, and I'm not naive enough to know that what's portrayed through the media is precisely on target on these sorts of things. I don't have that much time on my hands to do that research. However, I hadn't seen anything on Arizonans being largely in favor of the bill. Thanks for pointing that out, do you have a link? I'd love to read more on that situation. It is important that public officials remember the wishes of their constituents.

    From what I've read, however, this bill allows any person walking the streets to be required to prove they are an American citizen. Undoubtedly, it lends itself to some sort of racial profiling, and we can't have that in this nation. That shouldn't be condoned by this party, and won't be by the rest of the nation.

    You must understand as well, with the passing of this bill, government takes further invades our lives. Officials should not be able to approach citizens based alone on looks, without any probable cause. Rep. Rubio, a true conservative, agrees with me on this issue.

    Immigration reform is needed, we must secure our borders, but this isn't the answer.

  3. "First, let's be clear. I haven't read the bill in its entirety..."

    That says it all. If you haven't read it, you don't have a lot of credibility when you call it "an intolerable piece of garbage."

    My two cents. Here's a link:

  4. This kid is the next David Brooks. He will call himself a conservative like Brooks does but in the meantime praise everything liberals do.

  5. The immigration law in Arizona is great. However, it isn't a new law. It's the current federal law that hasn't been enforced. Arizona enacted it because the federal government hasn't been doing their job. What part of illegal doesn't Kyle Robbins understand? I agree with Zipsfan36's characterization of you.