Thursday, June 10, 2010

...and we're back.

I apologize to my followers. My updating and writing has been lackluster during this thing some college students refer to as "summer break." Allow me to explain, I enjoy politics. Talking, debating, writing, whatever you'd like. However, I also enjoy golf. A lot. I'm actually quite good, as well. We're in the middle of a jampacked summer tour schedule at the moment, but I'll still attempt to jot some thoughts down when possible. Granted, those may be incoherent and rambling, as this, but it will be a quick note to chew on, nonetheless.

I'll take this time for a brief moment of self-promotion, as well. I'll be co-hosting "Voice Of The Fan" on ESPN 1070 The Fan Indianapolis on Sunday. If you're a sports fan, I highly recommend you tune in. While I've preached tolerance, I tend to be a bit more loud, belligerent, and a bit asinine on sports talk radio. Remember, it's talk radio. Agreement and ambivalence doesn't reel in the listeners.

Clearly, that's a bit of a problem in our society. No one cares to hear from the middle ground. Substantive discourse is gone, partly thanks to cable news stations. The "shock jocks" once relegated to discussion of the Sox and Yanks now control the political cable news sphere. Unfortunately, most Americans aren't looking for information at 9 pm after a long work day. They're looking for entertainment. Bill-O, Olbermann, and Co, are just that.

I've got a theory on such shows, and it's likely misguided but I'll spill it anyway. I'm guessing 40% of O'Reilly/Olbermann's viewers truly agree, or believe they agree, with everything stated by the host. Since we don't watch things that are repulsive to us, generally, we'll state that 10% strongly disagree with everything stated by the host. That leaves 50% of the viewership left over. Why do they watch? For the same reasons you can't seem to pull your eyes from a fat man in a Speedo. It's a complete trainwreck, and it's ratings gold.

Here's my question to readers: How do we fix this problem? How do we return quality programming to cable news television? Even if it returns, will the public buy what we're selling? Personally, I'm sick of watching garbage television that only pushes Republicans and Democrats further apart. That's why I watch SportsCenter, and stick to, for the moment, sports talk radio.

I'm looking forward to your proposals.

God Bless.